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Pianistic 2 • Audio Demo

Pianistic - Piano Book 2

A stunning selection of 10 new pieces and arrangements for Piano.

Chord symbols and performance notes included for Electronic Keyboard & Organ players. These pieces in this Piano book are more advanced ranging from around Piano Grades 5 - 8

 Pieces include:

  • Tango Classico – a tango to be played with lots of fire and passion
  • Waltz in Bb (The Bird) – an elegant piano waltz
  • ‘Bottom Three’ Blues – blues style piece based on the bottom three ‘drawbars’ on a traditional Jazz organ
  • Livvy’s Lullaby – a lovely warm lullaby written for friends of the composer
  • Clownin’ Around – full of features of the ‘stride’ piano style first developed in the 1920’s and 30s
  • Bluebells in the Breeze – the second waltz in this book in a movie or TV style
  • Satipedie – an homage to Erik Satie in the style of his Gymnopédies
  • Chanson de la Rivière – ‘Song of the River’, a flowing piece continuing with the serious feel of Satipedie
  • Freedom – written in a swingy, Gospel style – huge and passionate with a massive helping of ‘Amen’!
  • Fire Moon – Punchy, big and bold, written for Jupiters moon ‘Io’ commemorating the 2016 Juno space probe


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