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Pianistic 1 • Audio Demo

Pianistic 1 - piano book

A beautifully written selection of 10 new pieces and arrangements for Piano with performance notes.

Chord symbols included for Electronic Keyboard & Organ players. These pieces in this Piano book are around Grades 3 to 5.

Pieces include:

  • 5th Street Blues – a classic swinging 12 bar blues with lovely rich harmonies
  • Dancing Leaves – imitates leaves ‘swirling’ and ‘darting’ around
  • Midnight Mambo – syncopated Cuban style piece demanding good coordination between hands
  • It’s Only Minor – Duke Elllington style 32 bar ABBA structure with swung quavers, a walking bass and thumping triplet chords
  • I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls – a lovely arrangement of the popular aria by Michael Balfe
  • Evening Time – evoking an American summers evening, sitting on the porch strumming this little number on the guitar
  • Joshua’s Jiffle – a cheeky little piece, which needs to be fast and ‘fidgety’
  • Raindrop Rhumba – a descending chord opening sequence leads into a delightful light staccato piece imitating the sound of raindrops
  • The Chromatic Rag – the title says it all, a great ragtime tune giving the opportunity to practise playing chromatically
  • Eternal Love – dedicated to the composers wife, this is a slow tempo pop ballad


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